Hello everybody!! 

I have now finished Eragon, as discussed in my last post, making that book 1 of my 35 challenge for this year!! 

Looking back at what I discussed in my last post I stand by what I said about the book. One thing I will add, the ending to Eragon was not what I would have predicted at all!! It was pretty odds on he’d manage to save Arya within a hairs breadth of death, but the final battle?! Wow. Not what I would have anticipated at all. So to those that say books of the Fantasy genre are predictable… Wrong! 

Eh hem. Okay… Excited rant over. I also wanted to share with you that over the past few days I have made myself a TBR (or To Be Read) jar!! I chose a pretty big jar so it doesn’t look like I have many, but I’ve had to compromise a little, especially when factoring in reading a series. The Inheritance Cycle series I’ve written the books in separately. Of course if I pull the books out in the wrong order I’ll just read the next in the series. The biggest series I’m planning to read is year, or at least make good headway on is Terry Prachett’s Discworld series. With that I’ve just put a ticket in saying “next Discworld” – just to avoid complications. 

I used my TBR jar for the first time the other day, and pulled out Priestess of the White by Trudi Canavan. I bought the book on Kindle back in August, but I discovered angrily when I tried to read it there’s a problem with my download of it. I tried re-downloading it but it still won’t load anything but the first page. It’s silly really, because I can download and read it on my iPhone no problem. So I’ll be contacting Amazon about that. In the mean time I’ve been reading The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss. 

It’s an interesting book. Though not part of the main series involving Kvothe it so far gives a lot of insight into the life of Auri, who Kvothe meets at the University. What amazes me is the description and depth of detail Rothfuss goes into when describing the “Underthing” as Auri names it. To those who don’t know, Auri lives under the University in a series of old rooms and passages, all aptly named to Auri’s mind, as she insists things must be done “the proper way”. To an outsider, she is a very bizarre character. Almost delusional in fact. But then, if you were living in near total darkness with only a weekly visit from a friend, a firefly for a friend and light (named Foxen) and nothing to do all day but explore, what would you expect? I won’t give away anymore. But I’m approximately 50% through after two evenings reading and I’m really enjoying it. 

I’m glad Rothfuss out his foreword in. He says, if you want a continuation of Kvothe’s story, don’t read the book, which he implies the phrase was included much to his editor’s annoyance. But it’s honest. Fans don’t want to be disappointed, so to be upfront, it avoids that. Though I don’t understand why fans WOULDN’T want to read the book… 

So that’s me so far ­čÖé once I finish TSROST by Rothfuss I can hopefully start Priestess of the White. If not, well, back to the jar until I can! 

Until next time… Happy reading!! ­čÖé  


Eragon – The Inheritance Cycle┬á

So I’m on Book 1 of the 35 books I’ve set as my challenge (for some reason it’s registering it as the second, as I listed finishing A Dance with Dragons right at the beginning of the year, but I don’t count it as I read the majority in November-December). I didn’t want to be too optimistic so I’ve set 35 as a reasonable figure but I hope to beat it. For my first book I’ve chosen to revisit the first book in the Inheritance Cycle series.

I’m currently about 40% through the book having been reading it for a few days. I initially started the book when I was at school a couple of years ago, but I don’t remember finishing the book and I certainly haven’t read any further into the series, so I decided to go back to it.

On reading a couple of reviews on Goodreads when I was starting the book I was remarkably surprised to see as many poor reviews as I did. One review in particular I read essentially slated the book because it had every aspect a fantasy novel does. A na├»ve hero that goes on to be world changing. An adventure, dragons, names with apostrophes etc…You get my drift. I have to say it’s my opinion you can’t rate a book based solely on that. That entirely detracts from the story and the characters.

I can see why it’s necessary. How can somebody grow to be extraordinary when living an very ordinary life? We all change based on our experiences. If I didn’t study Performing Arts through school I probably won’t have as much confidence as I do today, further still if I hadn’t got a job where I have, where I am comfortable with everybody with different age ranges yet I can still joke with the boss. These are reasonably mundane things, but they make a difference. In comparison, how can a hero destined to save the world grow into their full powers labouring on a farm, or stacking shelves? The fact is, it’s not going to happen. They have to be pressured, stretch beyond their perceived limits in order to change.

I guess I like the diversity within the Fantasy genre. Yes, some stick within the genre and use many of its typical traits (I’m sure this has a specific word, but I’m racking my brain and can’t  find it. You know what I mean I hope). Then there’s those that broaden the horizons and introduce new themes to the genre. They have certain things in common that are more standard within the genre, and other things not. There are many different types of Fantasy novels, urban Fantasy, epic fantasy (my overall favourite at the moment) just to name a couple. For me appreciating the genre is appreciating the similarities and differences alike. In comparison consider the Romance genre. To me, disliking Fantasy because it is “clich├ę” – (to use this reviewers words) is like saying one dislikes Romance novels because people always end up falling in love and living happily ever after. 

You see my point..? 

Once I’ve finished the book I’ll follow with my full thoughts, and any thoughts or comments to this post anyone leaves (PLEASE DO!!) I will discuss then. 

In the mean time… Happy reading!